MLH Official - Spring 2016


Northfield, MN
April 8-10, 2016


Thanks again!

Thanks again for coming to CarlHacks! We had a great time hosting all 200 of you, and seeing the incredible projects everybody made. We released a feedback form to see how we could improve things for next time, and the two main comments were pointing out the lack of female mentors and judges, and to have more sleeping mats. At any future CarlHacks events (in addition to purchasing more mats) we'll be sure to request sponsors (politely) to bring at least 30% female mentors, primarily seek out non-sponsor judges who are women and/or people of color, and continue to host diversity discussions.

Again, thanks for coming out, and we hope to see you next time!

Judging Information

You'll need to follow these instructions to submit your project's URL and be considered for judging. Do it early! You don't want to get stuck submitting the form minutes before the deadline.

  1. Ensure your team has five people or fewer. Larger teams are ineligible for judging.

  2. Have everybody on your team create an account at

  3. Create and submit your project's URLs at the CarlHacks Devpost page. You need to do this before Sunday at 9:30am. You can continue to change your project's code, even after its been submitted, up until 9:30am.

The Sunday Judging Process

  • At 9:30am, coding stops. At this point, your project must have been submitted to DevPost, and you're no longer allowed to change any code.

  • At 10:15am, you'll show off your project right at your table, while judges and others walk by to look at it.

  • At 11:30am, brunch will be served, and judges will deliberate to decide the 6 teams to go on to the finals, as well as the winners of the special prizes.

  • Shortly after noon, the 6 final teams will present their hacks. Don't make a PowerPoint, there's no need to prepare anything! Just demonstrate how your project works on the projector. Each time will have 3 minutes to present, and 2 minutes to answer questions from the judges.

  • In addition to first (Dell Venue 10 Pro tablets, and Raspberry Pi kits), second (quadcopters), and third (Arduino Uno kits) prizes we have three special prizes: the Best Developer Tool wins octocat figurines, the Best Domain Name gets swag and a Sparkfun Redboards, and the best beginner hack wins intro to HTML and CSS books.

The Schedule

7–9pmCheck In and Dinner
9pmOpening Ceremony
9:30pmTeam Mingling
9:45pmWorkshop: HTML/CSS Part 1
10:30pmWorkshop: Beginning MongoDB
11:15pmWorkshop: HTML/CSS Part 2
12amMidnight Snack
10:30amTalk: IP Law
12:15pmTalk: Crowdstrike
1:30pmTalk: Target
3pmWorkshop: Javascript
5pmWorkshop: Game Dev
8pmDiscussion: Diversity in Tech, sponsored by Lovelace
9pmTalk: Surveillance and Technology
11pmSlide Share Karaoke
12amMidnight Snack
9:30amCoding Stops
12:00pmTop 6 Teams Present
1:30pmClosing Ceremony
2pmBuses Leave


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